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Glenn told me you saved his life ? . He saved mine. 

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tara chambler in 5.02: strangers

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tara in "strangers"

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She looks so relieved after Rick told her that it is ok that she is here now. He is not pissed or angry at her. And I think that she is damn happy that she can stay with them. Because that is her family now.

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Badass ladies being badass with guns ◕‿◕

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Kate Beckett in 7x03 ‘Clear and Present Danger’

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"They’re wonderful spirits and I’m really honored to have them as my siblings. It’s like walking with an army when we go some place together. I’m really proud of them.

No, but really. How tall is the Katic family?

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get to know me meme: pairings [1/5] —> cophine

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