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Stay With Me Kate 21. Stanatic & Fillionaire. I love Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic & Seamus Dever. 41319 is my lucky number. Stanathan & Caskett shipper ~ Orange is the new black. Taylor Schilling ~ Rizzoli & Isles. Rizzles shipper. Sasha Alexander & Angie Harmon ~ Bones. Emily Deschanel ~ Elementary. Jonny Lee Miller & Lucy Liu ~ Cobie Smulders ~ Jennifer Beals ~ Rachel Shelley ~ The Walking Dead. Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Norman Reedus, Alanna Masterson. |||

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Here’s what I love about Comic Con: The anticipation all year and then everybody’s just ready. It’s like a weekend-long orgasm.

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When did you write this? What, like 3 years ago.

My feels are aplenty.

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Stana Katic in ‘The Double’ 
i always find this picture really beautiful :) 

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Stana Katic in ‘The Double’ 

i always find this picture really beautiful :) 

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We are surviving here. We are day to day.

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Castle & Beckett kisses, season 6 (so far)

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I love perlmutter!

"The Final Frontier"

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L a d y   i n   r e d  [2/2]

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Never over this scene

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I couldn’t sacrifice one of our own for the greater good because we are the greater good.

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caskett au → The elusive 3XK killer, Richard Castle, comes out from hiding after four years of solitude and becomes attracted to NYPD’s greatest homicide Detective Kate Beckett. His attraction becomes a game and she takes the bait, finding herself slowly involved in his world and unable to shake him.

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